Little style tips- sunnies are a great accessory to add to your outfit. It gives an effortless chic look and it instantly makes your whole look top-notch. It looks bold and bonus it hides tired eyes if you have no time for makeup. Cateye sunnies never go gives a sharp look without having to spend time on the perfect cat eye liner. You look stylish and people would be like damn whose that girl. It’s a small tip to always look stylish and put together.


Little style tips – blazers can sometimes be intimidating to pair up .But it’s a timeless classic piece that goes with everything. You can dress it down or dress it up according to your need. Roll up the sleeves to give a casual look. It can make any outfit dressy and give a classy look to your whole outfit.make sure it fits you. Not to tight not to loose. It works with jeans,dresses and every clothing. A grey blazer can never go wrong if   You are not sure about colours.A printed or patterned blazer can take your plain or casual outfit to the next level.

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Belt it.

Small style tips- The easiest way to look more put together with just a little effort is to put on a belt .It accentuates your waist line and gives a hour glass shape . It gives the outfit a whole new look whether you wear it over a dress,jeans,overalls . Just know it what belt size goes best with the outfit and you are all set to rock it. 

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Little details have the greatest effect.

It might not seem necessary but paying attention to small details like the small accessories like midi rings or dainty chains have the greatest effect . A little makeup just an eyeliner or simple lipgloss can easily elevate your look.  The dainty chain and the midi rings have a catchy look and no one can take their eye away from the red lips.  Just adding these simple accessories  can elevate your look from casual to chic . It makes your look more put together . And these simple accessories never go out of trend .. Just like timeless wardrobe pieces …Never miss out accessories .💕 . Let me know what you guys think about this little tip. 😊 would be happy to hear .please don’t forget to follow..

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