See through dreSs

This is such a cute trend and it’s the best way to show some skin without actually showing it. It adds so much interest to an outfit if we wear a sheer dress or top or jacket over an outfit. 

Ring bag 

The trend in bags that is huge this season is ring looks so elegant and classy and it adds so much drama to the outfit. It’s like one of the best accessory for your any outfit .

White button down 

This is classic piece which all of us do have in some corner of our wardrobe .the new details added to a white button down are front tie knot or bell sleeves or cut-outs can make your simple white button down a front tie button down by simply knotting it in front and bam you are on trend .

Shoe trend

Some other trends seen on the runways was printed sneakers and glitter loafers and all kinda prints on sneakers and loafers . It’s great to add an element of surprise to the outfit and add a statement to the outfit with these printed sneakers.and we all know  it’s comfy than the statement you can be in your casual outfit with these sneakers running earrands and still look chic .

Trench /dusters 

Dusters are here. They are light weight ,long trenches .you can layer it on almost on any outfit and look on point .or you can just wear the duster as a dress and wear a legging or pants under it as seen on the runway for a bold look .

Hair accessory 

Hair accessories trends are ribbons and fedoras .you  can tie a ribbon to your pony tail,bun,plaid,fishtail etc . Fedoras will make you look trendy and plus will protect you from the heat and can also save you from a bad hair day .


Yellow is also the colour of the year as given by Pantone.every shade of yellow was seen on the runways. It’s very spring type colour.if you think yellow is not your colour you can do yellow accessories such as earrings,bags etc. It’s a very bright colour and you can try it out if you wana stand out in the crowd.


High sexy slits are a trend this season . Slits up to waist has been seen on the runway.its a sexy trend .you might wana wear a slit dress to your date night if your legs are your best feature. However if they aren’t ,you might wana try slits till knees ,and you’ll still look hot and trendy .

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