This is new trend taking over the statement necklaces.this time it’s statement earring or tassel earrings.you can pair them with your outfit to give a bolder  and stylish look and keep every other accessory simple . Make sure the colour palette of the earring matches or contrast with the colour of your outfit  to make the most of it.

Shoe trend 

Shoe trend this season is white sneakers or boots or strappy sandals etc.white colour gives a very sophisticated and clean look and add some interest to the outfit of any colour. The other trend is the  slides.well we all love slides and it’s so comfortable to wear it all the time .

Shirt dresses

Shirt dresses are in this season.its a very casual look you can do during your day time while doing the chores but still looking trendy. You can also find some dressier shirt dresses for a night out. You can tuck in the shirt dress in jeans and call it a shirt just to make an extra use out of it.


This is something not I am crazy about. if you wana look trendy,you can  do a utilitarian jacket or shirt for a casual look. utilitarian skirts,pants etc was seen on the runways .this trend gives a stronger and powerful vibe. Pair it with heels and bam you are good to go.

Robe or knot dresses

This is kinda a new trend with a knot on the dress at the waist also called as robe dress.it accentuates your waist and give a clean line to the dress. You can just even tie a knot with a scarf or belt on any dress and call it a trend .

Bold Stripes 

This season the stripes are bold ,colourful,asymmetrical etc  .its not just neutral stripes they are in different and bold colours.there are asymmetrical stripes with cuts to add more interest .

Off shoulder 

Continuing from the last season ,still a big hit is off shoulder .these are in different cuts like peek a boo shoulder,cold shoulder , off shoulder watever you wana call it.it shows some skin without showing too much .its just a very flattering trend that works on almost everybody . It gives a sassy look to the outfit .


Ruffles are still huge this spring/summer . It’s more of a vintage yet classy trend.it gives a elegant look to your outfit.if you are not comfortable with ruffles on the top ,try ruffles skirts or small ruffle sleeves. Ruffle skirts is one of my favourite this season.


The easiest way to carry this trend is to pair with neutral classics .you can never go wrong with it . You can also do a gingham dress for a day out .if you are not so much into this trend but still wana stay trendy ,you can do gingham accessories like bags,shoes, clutches etc .this season gingham is not only black and white but in vibrant colours.you can also use a gingham shirt as a layering piece over tunics or dresses for a chic look .

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